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Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello, friends! I've asked several friends to share three releases they've been listening to lately. Not all-time favorites, just what feels interesting right now. A few weeks ago I posted picks from Wyatt Howland, and now here are picks from my husband Mitch Ribis of Fascist Insect. Stay tuned for more recommendations over the coming weeks.

Drogheda "Worlwide Massacure": Long-running Ohio grindcore maniacs Drogheda triumphantly return with a new 2015 full-length entitled "Worldwide Massacure", which shits on most fast bands out there nowadays. Long-gone '90's heroes like Assuck and Monster X come to mind but the Anthraxian guitar syncopation in the title track and a seemingly endless constellation of drumbeats ensure this Akron trio still have plenty of life to breathe into the genre.

Suicidal Tendencies "Lights...Camera...Revolution!": Venice Beach's Suicidal Tendencies are one of the West Coast's most beloved and long-lived HC bands ever, birthing several hybrids and variations of the genre in addition to holding their own against Thrash giants like Megadeth and Slayer. This 1991 album is a rare confluence of songwriting, musicianship and arrangement that transcend and exceed not only most "Crossover" releases before it, but possibly most releases of several genres, including but not limited to HC, Thrash, heavy metal and more. Undeniably one of the '90's greatest (and I'm using the word literally) Metal albums. -

O.L.D. "Lo Flux Tube": The weirdest New Jerseyans this side of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, O.L.D. not only break out of the mold of their debut "Old Lady Drivers", they smash it completely. It's passé to maintain a band invented a genre but this 1991 release is rare and unparalleled in it's raw creativity, expansiveness and tonality. It could lazily be described as "Industrial Metal" but in reality combines the vocals of Black Metal with unheard-of-before guitar motifs and songwriting that is a total nod to classic Metal while plunging deep into uncharted Space. It is like Epic Black Industrial Space for lack of a better description, serving as a perverted missing link between Voivod and Daughters. It has never been surpassed or even equalled, and never will be. No words can describe it.

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