Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

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Monday, April 28, 2014


The Moon is in synchronous rotation with the Earth—always showing the face. Art is Holy because it is associative and thereby demonstrates our interconnectedness. Art is Communion.

We are entitled to our labor but not the fruits of our labor—be free. Noise punk. That old seashell.
AAHHH—reclaim punk from good-timey retro types and macho conformists. O’ Natural Satellite. We’re all so meta---. All this metal. Luuna.

DIY. Pure art force. The Moon is the same size in sky as the Sun. Witchy space inside. Chest cavity fire. Pulling up the tides—the oceans reach up to Moona. Sex is a meaty flower. A constant offering. The rates are not constant. Mona.

Dark Maria (seas) make your face. Come at me like a radio. (Fugazi: fucked up, got ambushed, zipped in.) There is an old man (in dreams) with his back against mine leaning-pushing-moaning-drooling but who is this stranger bossing at my back? He's like...wacked the fuck out. 

The Moon reminds us: Soul.

The Red Mother. The Red Tent. Art is Holy because it is associative and thereby reflects the experience of our interconnectedness. Art is communion.

Fuck careerism—the laborNow is the fruits—be free.

No career at the end of desire.

Art Holy Communionananda.

Wikipedia: “The Moon has an exceptionally low albedo, giving it a reflectance that is slightly brighter than that of worn asphalt. Despite this, it is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun.”

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm honored to be on another A SOUNDESIGN release!

Tomorrow, April 18th, is the release date for a split tape in the Versus series between me and Faangface. 

Check the release out at Bandcamp here. Check out A SOUNDESIGN RECORDING here.

For more about Faangface, check out my interview with Joshua Novak

For more about the creator of the beautiful A SOUNDESIGN RECORDING label, check out my interview with David Russell Stempowski

Monday, April 14, 2014


In love with the vocal on a mix tape from 1989: You’re here with me, but soon you will be gone…Desperate for concrete rhythm, we grabbed the bucket. And you. In love with modern moonlight. Compassion is better than a diamond—it’s a vaster rainbow jewel. Take the pain, but the joy, too, it’s all light. It’s all right. Surrender to compression of compassion—expaaansea!
This degree: it’s just something for the animals to chew on.
Infants talk to animals differently than they talk to people. Noise is. All the drugs in my heart. Diverse heart. Not just the sentimental clinging, but expanse of azure midnight, the dissolving moonlight, the cutting black trees. And this: a mouth in pillow forever screaming, and this: stupid white wine afternoons. Diverse heart. Radiant.
            Murder pissing on the monitor, and Juniper wearing long sleeves in summer. The babies—that is, you, me, and the earth under our foundations, basements carved into earth, our earth, and all slugs and flying things, and my baby and my fishy 17-year-old cat, are each spirals, each as sacred as a conch, a spark spit out in golden time, formed by space-time, but living as a full spiral within star-spiral-la all the same.
And there is that time of day, when the sun hits the base of the fractured mirror lamp just right, and little diamonds fleck on the living room walls, ceiling. My baby and I watch the manifestation. And later, it vanishes. We don’t know, but then we look up. The way the sun hits these walls with changing character through the spiraling seasons.
Come see the frog-lit human experience… Change of weather brings all the former lives crashing down around us like empty boxes from the last move.
When I was four, in 1982, my mother fell in love with the book William Blake’s Inn, by Nancy Willard, but we couldn’t afford it, so she borrowed it from the library, transcribed it, and read it to us.
Who cares about the Ramones, what about the river of hawks?
Sex is like voice. Is it clear. Is it unblocked, unstuck. Un-struck sound. Singular and universe. (Potential to blue.)

I dream-creep through hidden floors in rich people’s homes seeking secret stairs to the beach. At shows. Some people want to look like line drawings. Aw, there’s garbage everywhere!

Monday, April 7, 2014


I’m living in a vast cruel 
landscape of honest weather
it rips me trips me skips me all the time and I’m getting sick of all this 
honest weather

time skips fast down one lane and I think my head’s in the other
rips me skips me flipping all the time and I’m getting well acquainted with the 
Red Mother
open hands up 
face the sky—all the sea is a wish
move slowly with care
don’t slip on the starry stairs

I’m living in a trust groove
landscape of human tether
say skip me rip me trip me all the time and I’m getting well acquainted with the
human weather
wanting makes the day break give me all the day break greedy for the day breaks
say no never end

and I wake in the dirty shell station 
the one right on the Sea
there is a bleached out green pool there with two lanes 
one for you
and one for me
but the sun is setting fast there and plastic barrels mount the land
I want to meet you where the sand breaks free
that patch of clean sand breaks free
fall asleep with our legs in the tiny waves
warm baby waves of the awful bright green sea