Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cultivaata 1

petting animal in order to
what kind of ice water in order to (no corpse)
burn the white fear clear away is a slow burn paradox
white part of the eyes gets in the blood is it
nothing lost
there's other eyes in those stones and
eyes in those, too
waving stupid grass
but it's green in order to
gasperate ah - the
the ok vastness of duende power
feel ah

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Names that veil Name drifting over vast unlined lands: vrka lupus lobo vuk loup vlk ulfur vilkas drifting with the animals, taboo to say the true name until it's lost to the lands - call me by my true names. Serigala. Cicadas sits in a vinegar sitz bath drinking herself sick over and over again until her bones change into wood rotten wood. Not even the fondest soldiers can burn that rotting wood. I'll do a slow burn paradox and crack Cicadas out of the tree. I can do. This heat rash necklace is only the beginning. Wolf is not wolf but a veil for only the beginning.