Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Suddenly to the left of me – oh look out – out blind violets rise up violence
no violence only sound riding up like roses and horses and wind,
and small rain down can rain.
You wore a mask – but no – it was a cat.

And I clutched at you your lovely skullface and I held your blood forever.
Mmm death is just a door –
do the door – door jam to the depth of the door– ain’t nobody here
but us moonstone blood bools
oh drool into my mouth baby I needed it,
I needed us chickens –

You are an opal, so flip the door, flip the switch on, baby
on tiger, river on, push the atavista in your eyes
blackbirds rain down in gauzy gauzy peacefire rain –
oh take back the fins and radial feather switch chemical history
ignite the black night

switch out the violet gauzy
play my eggs with a bow my love
I look at your mouth your mouth is a bow love
Your mouth is a naught, holy nothing
Let’s take all the death out

out of rabies, out of firearms, I suck the death out,
out of the doorjam, the keyhole, the lightswitch
switch your tail, the urban tale of firearms and gasoline

I take back the night, take back the nighthorses,
take death on my tongue as a tablet and birth out a
mushroom of lilies and orchids even flowers growing

and even flowing growers growing
in nitrogen night
air I suck
the death out of daybreak alarms
strike a cheek red  robinredbreast
robinredbreast I love you
I love fire
escape I love

on beds of rice and wine and your kisses make wine
of me rosy
mulch pulp and gauzy fire out of me
I needed to,
not two, but one moon
dropped from

you my love
my lover my liver
with a healthy dense breathing liver
and kidneys riding in the back like
wings and heart above stomach where it belongs

we may never see cardinals in Cleveland but
(winter nerves me make us)
Pigeons sleeping like tender ladies,
And gulls in some parking lots
and red-tailed hawks
live here
my friend said red-tailed
hawks are the owls of Day
I love you
Scrawled over it All

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Release!~!

At the annual Wassail party in Dover last week, TuscoEmbassy released their Christmas Tape 2011. Dead Peasant Insurance offered up a track, "Giving Up the Goat", for the compilation, which features work from many strange and wondrous artists such as  Collapsed Arc, Dr Quin, Leslie Keffer, Outer Space and Tusco Terror.

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Releases~!~~!~!~!~~!~!

***ASR082 Shadows "A Death in the Family" | c40 edition of 100, 2011

The third installment in Shadows' Dark Knight themed cassette series is a robust collection of noise electronics, rumbling loops and vocal oddities recorded over the course of 2011. "A Death in the Family" showcases Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell's (Collapsed Arc) finely tuned ability to create bleak yet colorful sounds. This forty minute killer contains aggressive contributions from Roman J (Plague Mother) and harmonic vocal layers from Amanda Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance) all masterfully mixed by Russell on to pro-dubbed cassettes. Cover art by Mike Mignola. Co-released with Atavistic Transformations.

***OhighO Vol. 2 Compilation, 2011

DPI has two songs on this low-fi Sludgesicle compilation along with Fascist Insect, Gomorrahzer, Interstates, Drogheda and about 108 dozen more Ohio bands of all weirdo genres.