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Stone Age HAA The Holy MAA

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Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello, friends! I've asked several friends to share three releases they've been listening to lately. Not all-time favorites, just what feels interesting right now. Here are picks from my brother Wyatt, aka Skin Graft. Stay tuned for more recommendations over the coming weeks. 

1)Paranoid Time 'No Entertainment I-IX' (MP3 release, snse soundcloud, 2014)

no bullshit

2)Hostage Pageant 'Impediment' (7"+C30, A Dear Girl Called Wendy, 2014

Horrible, low, filth

3)Yellow Tears 'Golden Showers May Bring Flowers' (USB stick+vhs+tshirt+trading card box, Septic World International, 2014)

Not recommended for fans of music

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